Holistic Counselling Services

Your journey to wellness starts here …

Leanne offers individuals, couples and family counselling and transformational life coaching which uses a holistic approach that honours you as a whole person - mind, body and spirit.  These sessions help you to reconnect with your authenticity and purpose, to integrate and heal limiting beliefs and trauma patterns and to thrive as the vibrant, healthy and unique human being that you are.

Transformational Life Coaching

Our highly skilled and professional Transformational Life Coaches are ready to become your cheerleaders, supporting and guiding you personally and/or professionally through your journey and encouraging you to successfully achieve your goals in life.  


Whether you would like support and help around love, relationships, career, business, finances, health and well-being or much more, your Coach will fully support you, work with you via phone or online and tailor sessions to suit your needs enabling you to:

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