Holistic Counselling


Your journey to wellness starts here …

Leanne offers individuals, couples and family counselling services which uses a holistic approach that honours you as a whole person - mind, body and spirit.  These sessions help you to reconnect with your authenticity and purpose, to integrate and heal limiting beliefs and trauma patterns and to thrive as the vibrant, healthy and unique human being that you are.


  • Understanding yourself better and discovering your strengths, gifts and abilities

  • Living a more authentic life filled with passion and purpose

  • Feeling stuck or numb and need support with moving forward and re-engaging in life

  • Dealing with and overcoming grief from the death of a family member or loved one

  • Moving through the mental, emotional and practical processes of divorce, separation and the breakdown of a relationship

  • Identifying and understanding the underlying reasons that may be contributing to depression, anxiety or trauma which can impact current relationships and life in general

  • Developing skills and tools to overcome conflict within the family and other personal and professional relationships

  • Identifying and exploring core beliefs, blocks or wounds preventing you from accessing the fullness of who you are, thrive in life and all its possibilities

  • Integrate wellbeing practices and develop personal and professional skills to help you begin moving towards your passion and joy


  • Anxiety & stress

  • Depression & apathy

  • Shame & guilt

  • Trauma, grief and loss

  • Self-esteem and personal growth

  • Relationships and interpersonal connection

  • Identity, archetype & life purpose work

  • Career and workplace issues

  • Life transitions (divorce, mid-life, career change)

  • Health and wellness issues

  • Sexuality and gender identity

  • Limiting beliefs & self-sabotaging behaviours

No matter what your goals or challenges, big or small, they are all important and Leanne is available to support you on your journey.  Whether for individuals, couples or families, Leanne’s approach is to assist others to overcome their past and step into the future they desire through awareness, compassion and the development of practical tools and skills.

Book in for holistic counselling with Leanne and see how she can help you with your growth, wellbeing and healing journey...   All it takes is one brave step… 

Holistic Counselling Session

1 x 1 hour session $195

 1 hour holistic counselling session*

Share your story, at your own pace, in a safe, warm and welcoming space

Together we will get clear on what support you need, set goals and priorities around your personal growth, health and wellbeing as well as develop a plan for your healing journey


Note:  All sessions are cunducted via Zoom video conferencing

Holistic Counselling Package

8 x 1 hour sessions $1100

8 x 1 hour holistic counselling sessions*

In-depth, holistic work with tailored processes to support you along your journey of growth, wellbeing and health


Personal transformation & healing to shift you through trauma, limiting beliefs, emotions and sabotage patterns and behaviours

Support to navigate challenging situations and transitions in life as well as grief and loss


All sessions are conducting in a safe, warm and welcoming space which allow you to heal and integrate so you thrive

Note:  All sessions are cunducted via Zoom video conferencing

Note: All prices quoted are in AUD dollars.  To convert to your local currency check out the Online Currency Converter

Once you have booked in, you will receive a confirmation email with further details about your holistic counselling within 48 hours of your booking.