Mirror of the Soul Retreat

A unique journey of exploration and connection to support you in confidently manifesting the vision for your life that your soul needs, wants and desires!

Do you feel like you are going around in circles, stuck, confused, struggling, fighting or working hard and simply surviving in life?  Have you lost connection with yourself, your purpose and sense of direction?  Are your fears, thoughts, limiting beliefs, stories, emotions and patterns of behaviour holding you back from experiencing happiness, love, abundance, success and fulfilment?  Do you feel like you are not growing, progressing or moving towards your dreams, visions, goals and what you want to experience?  


Then kick off your shoes and join Leanne on her Mirror of the Soul Retreat and connect with your authentic self, transform your limiting beliefs and stories, let go of any baggage from the past, shift your perspective and way of being in the world, get yourself moving forward and creating momentum towards what you desire as well as confidently manifesting the vision for your life that your soul needs, wants and desires.

Mirror of the Soul Retreat

More than an ordinary meditation or yoga retreat…Leanne’s Mirror of the Soul Retreat offers you the opportunity to connect more deeply with your inner being, experience other cultures and spiritual traditions.  All of this while focusing on an area of your life, whether home, love, relationships, family, career, business, finances, health and well-being, life purpose or your spiritual path, where you would like to experience a shift, transformation and change so you can manifest what you desire. 

Throughout the retreat, Leanne will share teachings, wisdom and practical tools and techniques with you each day to help you shift through the limiting stories and thought patterns holding you back, let go of the inner clutter weighing you down and transform deeply held patterns that may be holding you back from manifesting your dreams.   You will experience powerful meditations, clearings and activations to help you open up to solutions, possibilities and opportunities as well as learn how to listen to your intuition so you can stay in flow with the Universe and easily take steps towards your goals.  You will also gain tools and techniques to help you understand how to get into alignment with what you want in life so the Universe can deliver it to you quickly and easily. 


Explore world heritage listed architecture, explore sacred sites, rainforests and beaches, connect with the vibrant, passionate and friendly people in the region and while you also fill up your love tank so you can confidently manifest the vision for your life that your soul needs, wants and desires.


Experience a once in a lifetime meeting with a Mamo (Shaman) from a local indigenous tribe where you will receive a blessing and learn about their spiritual beliefs and practices as well as soak in the healing energy of a mud volcano and take a gentle relaxing tube ride down the Palomino River.

The Mirror of the Soul Retreat is a unique spiritual and cultural experience where you will enjoy group activities as well as time alone to relax, swing in a hammock enjoying the present moment and just be-ing while also connecting with your authentic self and manifesting the life of your dreams in sacred locations in the Caribbean. 

Dates & Location

Leanne's next Mirror of the Soul Retreat will be held across 3 locations, Cartagena de Indias, Santa Marta and Palomino, along the Caribbean coast of Colombia, South America as outlined below:

  • Dates & Times:  Commences at 6.30pm on Sunday 5th July 2020 in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia, South America) til 15th July 2020

  • Check-In:  Please ensure you arrive no later than 3.30pm on Sunday 5th July 2020 to check-in to your accommodation and get organised before the welcome dinner at 6.30pm

Note:  Airport pickup to your accommodation will be organised for you once a copy of your flight details have been provided.

What's Included?

Your investment in the Mirror of the Soul Retreat includes:

  • 10 Nights accommodation - twin/triple share 

  • All airport transfers and transportation between cities

  • Breakfast, lunches and dinners daily​

  • Towels, linen and bedding​

  • Tours and activities exploring archaeological sites, visit to a local school and indigenous tribe, national parks and cooling off in one of the many freshwater pools, rivers, waterfalls and beaches

  • 10 days professional expert teachings and coaching

  • Mirror of the Soul Workbook and Journal

  • Meditations, clearing and activation processes as well as practical tools, techniques and exercises to support you in manifesting the life you desire

  • 1 x 30 minute Individual Mirror of the Soul session with Leanne where you will receive individual guidance, insights and support to help you move forward and towards your dreams

  • 5 x Zenthai Flow Yoga sessions with Jules Cardillo to help you connect with your body, release and balance your energy, see things from a different perspective and learn to flow more through life

  • 1 x 15 minute Mini AromaTouch® Session using doTERRA essential oils

  • 1 x 30 minute follow-up Individual Mirror of the Soul session with Leanne after you return home from the retreat

  • 1 x Colombian style Salsa / Latina dance class

  • Gift pack including meditations and much more​

Note: Additional AromaTouch® and Zen-Thai Shiatsu Massage sessions available upon request for additional cost

Itinerary & Activities

During the Retreat you will participate in powerful group workshops where you will gain knowledge, wisdom and insights as well as be taken through meditations, clearing and activation processes to support you in releasing blockages, transforming what is holding you back and limiting your potential so you create the space for solutions, possibilities and opportunities to manifest what you desire.  You will also be given practical tools and techniques you can take home to help you connect deeply to your authentic self, allow your intuition to guide your actions as well as understand how to get into alignment with your desires so the Universe can deliver them to you quickly and easily.  What is so unique about this retreat, is that you will do all of this while also learning about the Colombian cultures and spiritual traditions by taking part in various tours and activities that have been matched to the topics you are learning about each day. 

Note:  Leanne reserves the right to make changes to tours and activities based on local conditions with any changes communicated to those registered as soon as possible.

Day 1:  Check-In & Welcome (5th July 2020) - Cartagena de Indias

Arrive and check-in to your accommodation before gathering in the hotel and heading into the World Heritage listed Walled City of Cartagena de Indias to watch the sunset, connect and get to know each other over dinner and a drink.

Day 2: Manifesting & The Mirror Realm (6th July 2020) - Cartagena de Indias

After a lovely breakfast, you will spend time learning about what the indigenous Kogi people of the region refer to as the 'The Mirror Realm' before heading out for the morning to explore Castle of San Felipe de Barajas where you can check out the underground galleries, guard's gate and observe everything in the Bay of Cartagena.  You will then enjoy a traditional lunch at one of the nearby restaurants before taking a stroll through the cobbled alleys and plazas in the Old Town and spending time at The Palace of the Inquisition learning all about the history of the region.  After some down time in the afternoon, we come back together to reflect on your day and to sit back and soak up the music and rhythm of the latino culture over a delicious meal.

Day 3:  Dreams, Visions & Goals (7th July 2020) - Cartagena de Indias/Santa Marta

After breakfast, you will spend time focusing on what it is you would like to manifest and create in your life as you get clarity on your dreams, visions and goals moving forward.  We will then check-out and set out to El Totumo Volcano where you will take a bath in the healing and regenerative properties of the delicious liquid-mud in one of the smallest volcanoes in the world.  While here you will participate in a meditation and activation process to support you in connecting to the Earth and clear your body, mind and soul.  Later this afternoon we arrive into Santa Marta where you can take some time to relax and unwind before meeting with the group for a drink and beautiful meal at one of the many local restaurant.

Day 4:  Time & People (8th July 2020) - Santa Marta / Palomino

Enjoy a lovely breakfast in Santa Marta, South America's oldest surviving city, before coming together to learn about the impact that time and people can have on your ability to manifest and create the life you desire.   In the afternoon, we will make our way to the little beach-side town of Palomino with it's slow pace, colourful homes, wooden shacks set up by locals to sell juices from freshly picked fruit, open-sided bars and restaurants with tree trunk seats and tables plus so much more.  After some down time, we will come back together to reflect on your day, sip a few happy hour cocktails by the ocean and enjoy the traditional local meal.

Day 5:  Emotions (9th July 2020) - Palomino

Start the day with a Zenthai Flow Yoga session to get you connected to your body before enjoying a traditional breakfast and workshop about the importance of emotions in the manifesting process as well as gain some simple techniques to help you release and let go of any emotional baggage you may be carrying that is weighing you down and stopping you from moving forward.   As a group we will then head off for a fun day, Tubing down the clear water of the Palomino River from the jungle foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, keeping your eye out for iguanas, monkeys, toucans and much more as you flow all the way down to the Caribbean Sea.  Enjoy a little more rest and relaxation time this afternoon before we come back together to reflect on your day and watch a traditional dance group perform over dinner and a drink.

Day 6:  Actions & Clearing (10th July 2020) - Palomino

We will again start the day with a Zenthai Flow Yoga session before having breakfast and heading into a workshop session to help you understand how you can align your actions with your dreams, visions and goals to support you in manifesting what you desire in life.   We will then head off to take a swim in the pristine fresh water of the cool cascades of Valencia Waterfalls, a hidden gem tucked away under a natural canopy of leafy trees where you will be able to cleanse and clear your energy ready to welcome in new connections, opportunities and energy.  Once back in Palomino you will have time to chill out and laze on the beach, read or take a seista before meeting back as a group to sip a few cool drinks and enjoy dinner in this peaceful seaside town.

Day 7:  Integrating & Rest Day (11th July 2020) - Palomino

Before breakfast, head over to your morning Zenthai Flow Yoga session and then come back together for a workshop around how to integrate what you have learnt so you can connect more with your authentic self, release any resistance holding you back, see things from a higher perspective, come into balance and learn to flow through life with more ease, joy and love.  Use today to unwind, swing in a hammock, read a book, rest or do a little shopping after your adventures so far and to allow time to integrate what you have learnt along the journey!  If you have not already had your 30 minute one-on-one with Leanne, you will have the opportunity to book this today or you can also book in for an AromaTouch® or Zen-Thai Shiatsu Massage session.  Tonight we come back together to reflect on your journey and the insights you have gained while enjoying a few cocktails and a traditional meal.

Day 8:  Gratitude, Appreciation & Blessing (12th July 2020) - Palomino

Kick your day off with a Zenthai Flow Yoga session, then head over for breakfast before your workshop to learn about the power of gratitude and appreciation to support you in manifesting your dreams, visions and goals.  One of the most memorable days on your journey, today we take a trip to visit a local Indigenous Tribe, who see themselves as the guardians of the earth in what they call the 'The Heart of the World', where you will learn about the traditional spiritual practices, customs and  ancestral rites which are still practiced today and receive a blessing from the Mamo (spiritual elder, Shaman).  Later this afternoon you will again have some time to relax and take some time for you before coming back together with the group to reflect and enjoy each others company over a drink and delicious meal.

Day 9:  Giving Back to the Community (13th July 2020) - Palomino / Santa Marta

Before breakfast, head over for your last Zenthai Flow Yoga session followed by a workshop on the power of generosity and joy to help open your heart and help you manifest the life you desire.  We will then head off to spend some time visiting a local school where you can connect with the children, laugh, play and have some fun while also helping those who are less fortunate to spread their wings and reach their potential through support, guidance and education.  We will then make our way back to Santa Marta in the afternoon, where you can take some time to rest and relax before meeting up with the group to enjoy a drink and some people watching at the best restaurant in town.

Day 10:  Rest & Celebration Day (14th July 2020) - Santa Marta

Today is your day to do what you like!  Head over to the Free Gold Museum and learn more about the culture of the indigenous Tayrona people and it's communities, check out the markets where local artisans display handwoven textiles, painted ceramics, and other goods, stroll around the city centre and take in the easy going cafe culture, meet the locals and enjoy the flavours of Colombian coffee, head to one of the salons for a manicure and pedicure or simply put your feet up and relax!  Later this afternoon, we will meet up as a group for dinner and to reflect on your transformations and achievements over the retreat before testing out your latino dance moves at one of the local bars where you can kick up your heals and celebrate!

Note:  Additional one-on-one Mirror of the Soul,  AromaTouch® or Zen-Thai Shiatsu Massage sessions can be booked today (bookings essential - places limited)

Day 11:  Check-Out & Farewell (15th July 2020) - Santa Marta / Cartagena

Enjoy a lovely breakfast at your accommodation before connecting for one last time before starting your journey back to Cartagena for your flights back home.

Note:  Leanne reserves the right to make changes to tours and activities based on local conditions with any changes communicated to those registered as soon as possible.


  • ​Fully hosted boutique size retreat group (maximum of 8 people) by experienced English and Spanish speaking host and local guides

  • Peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of for you - from airport transfers, accommodation, transportation, tours, delicious food, fruits and juices to nurture and energise your soul

  • Experience the unique rhythm and flow of the latino culture and warmth of the Colombian people while gaining new experiences and perspectives

  • Explore sacred locations specifically selected to support your transformation and growth as well as connect with the indigenous people, Mamos, Shaman and Mother Nature in what is known as ‘The Heart of the World’

  • Time relaxing, recharging, reflecting and nourishing yourself personally, professionally and spiritually away from the distractions of everyday life 

  • Meet like-minded people who are committed to manifesting change and transforming their lives who you can form new connections and friendships with

  • Shift and transform blocks, challenges, obstacles and limitations holding you back from being all of who you are and having all you desire in your life

  • Gather practical skills and tools to help you be more present, balanced and stay in flow in your daily life as well as simple easy techniques you can use to manifest the life you desire

  • Understand what you value most in life and learn to trust yourself to take the steps necessary to experience more joy, love, passion and success in life

  • Individual guidance and strategies to ensure you return home clear, motivated and inspired to achieve your goals and thrive in your life

Flights & Insurance

All flights, travel insurance and related taxes from your home location into Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) are your own personal responsibility and not included in the retreat price.  Assistance with flights and travel insurance can be organised, please contact me via EMAIL for details and to discuss your requirements.​  Remember, when booking your flights to ensure you arrive into Cartagena de Indias no later than 3.30pm on 5th July 2020 to check-in to your accommodation before the welcome dinner starts at 6.30pm. 

Please EMAIL a copy of your travel insurance and flight details once finalised so airport pickup can be organised to your accommodation upon your arrival.


All accommodation is included in the price of your retreat and has been carefully selected in each location for their easy access to incredible sacred locations off the Caribbean coast in Colombia. All accommodation offers either ceiling fans or air conditioning providing you with a comfortable and inviting feel so that you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing night sleep after your day exploring, learning and growing in this beautiful place.  All accommodation throughout the retreat is offered on a shared basis, with each bedroom to be allocated upon arrival.  Images of the accommodation in each location have been included below for your information.

Are you ready to say YES to a different experience where you can truly connect and learn, relax and chill, while also honouring the spirit within?


Do you want to finally say YES to letting go of the confusion, struggle and hard work so you can step into manifesting a life filled with happiness, love, abundance, success and fulfilment? 

Are you willing to say YES to a retreat in one of the most inspiring and spiritual places known as the ‘Heart of the World’ while also taking a personal journey of transformation to manifest what you desire in life?


Then kick off your shoes and say YES to joining Leanne, Barefoot on her next Mirror of the Soul Retreat to get clear, transform and confidently manifest the successful, happy, loving and fulfilling vision for your life that your soul desires!!!

Investment & Booking

Your investment in Leanne's exclusive Mirror of the Soul Retreat valued at over $10,000AUD


  • Individual:  $2777AUD per person with a $555AUD deposit required to secure your space and then 4 x instalments of $555AUD – final payment due 24th May 2020

  • Bring-A-Friend:  $2555AUD per person if you bring-a-friend with a $555AUD deposit to secure your space and then 4 x instalments of $500AUD – final payment due 24th May 2020

BOOKINGS:  Are essential as a maximum of 8 guests are taken into each retreat and can be made online via the BOOK NOW button.  


Once your booking has been received, you will receive an email confirmation with your Welcome Pack including full details together with an invoice for any remaining payment where applicable.

Note:  Price does not include any airfares, travel insurance or taxes and are based on double/triple occupancy: we will match you up with a roommate upon your arrival.  Please also advise at the time of booking if you have any special dietary requirements or food allergies so that arrangements may be made to meet your needs.  Leanne reserves the right to make changes to accommodation and venues with any changes communicated to those registered as soon as practical.  Click HERE for full terms and conditions of booking.​