The Academy

Barefoot Academy is passionate about supporting people to transform their lives through personal and professional development by providing high quality education and training, coaching, publishing, web design and virtual assistant services.


Our qualified professional trainers, educators and coaches are dedicated and committed to supporting you in growing personally and professionally and can deliver a variety of training programs  whether for individuals, couples, families, parents, small businesses, entrepreneurs or large corporations.  For corporate clients we also offer customised training (in-house or online) to meet your needs.

Barefoot Academy's vision is to create a community that changes how people experience the world by supporting them to connect, transform and grow personally and professionally.  We do this by providing a variety of opportunities for individuals, couples, groups, small businesses and organisations to transform and change what it is they are currently experiencing in their world in creative, empowering and productive ways so they can create and manifest the experiences they desire.

Founder and Director, Leanne Barefoot, together with her team of Teachers, Educators, Transformational and Life Coaches, Graphic Designers and Virtual Assistants are here to inspire you to embrace your truth, create change in your life and to manifest your dreams, personally and professionally!

(C) Barefoot Academy ABN: 13 722 651 994

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