Website Design & Development Services

We design and develop stunning websites that are tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements and are aligned with the vision and goals for your business.  We understand that each website, just like you, is unique and serves a variety of purposes which is why we believe it is important to connect with you, get to know who you are, your values, personality and needs to ensure your site easily communicates your message and attracts the perfect clients to your business.  Our intention is to make the process of designing and developing your website simple and easy so you can focus on what you do best, whether connecting with clients, selling products, displaying your portfolio, publishing your blog or simply growing your business.


We work with our clients remotely, from a home-based office in Australia, with flexible hours and share our knowledge, expertise and ideas so your website acts as an effective marketing tool that works best for you, your business and attracts customers, clients and opportunities that help you achieve your desired results.  From the beginning to end of the process, we are available to help you with:

  • Goals and Intentions

  • Content writing

  • Services and Products

  • Functionality and Layout

  • Colours and Design

  • Editing and Proofreading

  • Branding and Re-branding

  • Social media links and Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Newsletter subscription and integration

  • Contact forms

  • Blog pages

  • Photo galleries

  • Video/Audio content

  • Online courses

  • plus much more

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Our website designers provide a variety of website design and development solutions, whether you need a basic 1-5 page to a full 20+ website,  to meet your specific needs and are ready to support you with publishing your website and establishing your presence online.

As every project is different, just like you and your business, we offer you a FREE 20 minute chat to gain an understanding of your needs and requirements and to discuss how we can help transform your vision into reality.   

Note:  All clients will be invoiced for their project, with an initial payment of 50% required prior to commencement and then final payment required upon completion.  All materials including logo, website, log-ins, passwords, designs etc are handed back to you upon completion.

Note:  All prices quoted are in AUD dollars.  To convert to your local currency check out the Online Currency Converter.

Portfolio:  Sample Client Websites

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"This is amazing!!! So, so good and easy to use and access!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" Xxxx When contemplating having my website designed my priority was someone who had an understanding of energy and the work that I do. Not only did Leanne at Barefoot Academy get this inside and out but she also had a phenomenal skill set and knowledge of technology to create the website that encapsulated me so that those who went to it felt and saw me and my work as well as it being a place I can expand upon so that as my offerings evolve so will my website. Leanne made what I had perceived challenging seamless and added even more to it and what it could do and what I could do with it in the most amazing ways. Her ability to translate what I wanted and refine it even further as well as always endeavouring and going above and beyond to create something I loved and felt proud of as well as it being user friendly for me and those who visit it. I am so grateful to Leanne and Barefoot Academy not only for her IT skills but also for her heart and ability to capture me and my essence in such a beautiful way. I highly recommend her (Clare Deale)

"I co nnected with Barefoot Academy to design and develop a website in line with my business vision.  I couldn't be happier with the end result!  It is perfect for representing who I am and what I can offer.  The team at Barefoot Academy was very professional throughout the whole process and provided me with so much clarity and guidance in what it was I was trying to achieve. There was guidance when needed to help me see past my old ways of thinking and plenty of patience with me while I gained further clarity of my vision. The end product is professional, personalised, and a true representation of who I am. Thank you Barefoot Academy for your knowledge, intuitive approach and guidance along the way and for providing the perfect realignment I needed for my business moving forward".  Tracey (Odyssey Wellbeing)