About Us

At Barefoot Academy we are passionate about supporting people to transform their lives through education, training and coaching programs, retreats and publishing, design and virtual assistant services.

Education & Training

Let us train, educate you & your staff!

Training and education for individuals, couples, families, parents, small businesses entrepreneurs and corporations to meet all your personal and professional development needs.

Coaching Programs

Let us support & empower you!

Coaches to support and guide you personally and/or professionally through your journey and encourage you to successfully achieve your goals in life. 

Self Publishing Services

Let us help you bring your book to life!

Help to navigate the self-publishing process from start to finish so you can start impacting, inspiring and motivating others.

Website & Design Services

Let us create & design it for you!

Help to create stunning websites, business cards and logos aligned with your vision and goals and tailored to your needs. 

Virtual Assistant Services

Let us do it for you!

Help for sole-traders, business owners and entrepreneurs to ensure the day-to-day tasks are taken care of so you can do what you do best.

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We are ready to support, empower and help you grow personally and professionally through education, training programs and services.