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Transformation, is simply about the process of learning, growing and expanding into a deeper, more loving, passionate and connected version of you. The process of transforming whether in your work, relationships, health and well-being, finances or even spiritually can be at times a messy, scary and difficult experience which involves lots of snot, tears, thoughts, beliefs and emotions coming to the surface. While this may be the case, there are other times that transformation and growth can take place through experiences of laughter, joy and passion and you allow your soul to guide you through any changes by connecting with your intuitive knowing and taking the actions necessary to be YOU.

Now, because we humans are such fascinating and sometimes complicated beings who feel so deeply, whether it is so called positive or negative emotions, these are what make us truly individual, beautiful and passionate about life. Your feelings and emotions let you know what it is that your soul is asking you to do to transform, it communicates with you and wants to connect with you and show you what it is that truly allows you to be joyful, passionate, loved, worthy and complete.

If you are feeling stuck, sad, frustrated, alone or unhappy, this is just your soul’s way of letting you know that there is change, transformation and growth is needed in this particular area and that it is time for you to put on your big girl pants (or man boots) and take responsibility for creating the change you wish to see in your life. One of the ways in which you can create these changes is to embrace more passion in your life…. Passion is an incredibly powerful, pleasurable and empowering energy which you can use each day in the following ways:

  1. Pleasure: If there something in your life that is not bringing you pleasure and joy then you have the opportunity to say “No” to it so that you can create space for what does allow you to feel pleasure. Whether pleasure is experienced through conversations, your partner, family, children, friends, exercise, dance, yoga, coffee, cooking, singing, movies, travelling, sexual connections or simply thoughts, feelings and memories that bring a smile to your face include these things in your life every day.

  2. Acceptance: All of the relationships, experiences and situations in your life are brought to you to support your learning, growth and transformation into a better version of you, to help you be more authentic, loving and compassionate. So it is important every day to move into acceptance of everything and to look for what is good and right about them (rather than what is wrong) and appreciate everything for what it is teaching you.

  3. Sensual & Sexy: Each of you are sensual beings, here to experience your physical body and to connect with others in intimate, loving and passionate ways. Each day allow yourself to do one thing that makes you feel sexy and sensual. Whether you give or receive a sensual massage, put on an outfit that allows your body to feel sexy, flirt, be playful and do whatever it is that brings you that yummy feeling of being sexy and sensual.

  4. Support: You all have basic needs and goals to fulfil each day whether it is for food, water, shelter, sleep, work, family, health, friendships, connection, respect, confidence, learning, finances, travel, meaning or anything else. Give yourself encouragement and support at the end of each day by patting yourself on the back and saying “well-done” for your achievements.

  5. Intimacy: When you know who you are, are being authentic, respect and value yourself and others, communicate your needs, wants and desires as well as honouring how you are feeling you are being intimate with yourself. Tune into your intuition each day and trust yourself to know what feels right and loving for you, follow your inner guidance and take the steps towards connecting more deeply, lovingly and passionately with yourself.

  6. Openness: Start each day by opening your soul up to receiving all the positive, good and loving experiences that the Universe, Spirit, Source and others wish to provide for you so that you to can be open, giving, kind and generous with others. Let go of any thoughts about yesterday and allow your openness to ignite your passion for life.

  7. Nakedness: Well most of you will start your day with some form of nakedness as you bath and wash yourself clean ready for the new day, new experiences and new situations to flow in. Also allow yourself to embrace nakedness with the people in your life by sharing ALL of yourself, allowing ALL of you to be seen, even the messy, snotty, angry, ugly, confused, frustrated, loving, kind, sensual, clear, intelligent and beautiful parts!

I dare you to take this month to Get your Passion on!!! Include each of these things in your everyday life and watch how your work, relationships, health, finances and other areas of your life transform, shift and change into a deeper, more loving, passionate and connected version of you!

Author: Leanne Barefoot

NOTE: This article also appeared in the April, 2017 edition of The Temple Magazine.


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